In a recent survey conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, self-reported CBD users provided great insight into how they are using the supplement on an ongoing basis.

The analyzing of this survey data helped researchers determine the ways in which consumers use CBD products, the conditions they use the compound for, and the self-reported impact on wellness.

CBD survey

In all, the research team collected 118 survey results, with questions including:

  • Demographic information such as height, weight, and age
  • Duration of CBD usage
  • CBD product specification
  • Purpose of product usage
  • Dosage information
  • Notable effects of CBD usage

Below, we’ll look at some of the insights revealed from the survey. 

The Value of Self-reported CBD Usage

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been reported to have multiple health benefits. However, clinical research has been stymied due to regulatory pressures and the Scheduling of the compound alongside cannabis as a Schedule I drug, or a substance the DEA says has no medical benefit.

Recently, pharmaceutical CBD has been approved and the first FDA-approved cannabinoid medicine, Epidiolex, has been made available for prescription for the treatment of seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

While the self-reporting of CBD usage and benefits remains anecdotal, it does provide some insight into how consumers are using the products.

CBD Oil Most Common Administration Methods

Of the five different kinds of CBD oil administration surveyed, liquid ingestion via a dropper was by far the most widely-used. 92% of respondents claimed they used liquid ingestion as their administration method, but this response may have been in part due to the availability of the products types available.

Vaporized CBD came in second at 5% use, and a gastronomy tube, pills/capsules, and topical use all came in at 1%, respectively. 

CBD Oil Most Common Administration Methods

Source: New Frontier Data: 2018 CBD Report

CBD Oil Most Common Daily Dosage Amounts

36% of respondents said they take between 1-15ml per day, while the most common daily CBD dosage was between 15-30ml. Collectively, those who take between 1-30ml make up 75% of the surveyed population. Only 6% reported usage between 30-45ml, while almost 20% said they take 45, or more, milligrams of CBD everyday.

CBD Oil Most Common Daily Dosage AmountsSource: New Frontier Data: 2018 CBD Report

Duration of CBD Oil Use

The largest population of those surveyed were fairly early adopters, having taken CBD oil for less than a year, but more than two months. Surprisingly, almost a third of the population surveyed have been taking CBD for over two years, showcasing the longevity of perceived benefits. 12% of users just began taking CBD within the last two months, and the lowest percentage, 7%, have been taking it for one to two years.

Duration of CBD Oil Use

Source: New Frontier Data: 2018 CBD Report

Self-reported Benefits of CBD Oil Use

​The most common self-reported health benefit of using CBD was far and away improvements in mental and behavioral health. 34% of respondents reported mental health benefits such as reduced anxiety, improved attitude, relaxation, and focus. Coming in at the second and third highest self-reported improvements of CBD usage were pain reduction and quality of sleep, respectively.

Self-reported Benefits of CBD Oil Use

Source: New Frontier Data: 2018 CBD Report

The percentages of the reported improvements of those with mental health symptoms were also evaluated. Of the improvements evaluated, the top three were improved attitude (53%), reduced anxiety (30.7%), and improved relaxation (30.7%).

improvements of CBD for health

Closing Thoughts on Self-reported CBD Usage

As indicated by the survey, many consumers are taking CBD for a wide range of reasons and ailments. Whether the relief they are finding is actual or merely a placebo effect, it is clear that many people feel that CBD is helping them with their symptoms. If anything, the anecdotal evidence showcases the need for additional clinical research.


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